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Charlie Wentz

Charlie Wentz

NMLS# 112581
Direct: 704-717-5838
Cell: 704-517-7950

Charlie Wentz, relaxed and mellow, has a natural gift for relating to people and making them feel at home with the mortgage process. Starting his career in the mortgage industry in the new construction arena in 2003, he has experience in all phases of the mortgage industry.

Charlie Wentz has a sixth sense about people. He instinctively knows when clients have unanswered questions, they are hesitant to voice. He also knows that even the unspoken questions deserve answers. Charlie says, “I dig in deep to get information, especially when I sense that the person is looking for a deeper explanation than they may have received from somebody else. I dig down to find what they are really asking of me so I can answer their question before they feel like they need to ask somebody else. A lot of times when I go into a deeper explanation, it helps people trust me more. Transparency is always at the top of my list and something this industry doesn’t provide enough of.”

Charlie always presents the clients with a broad overview in the very beginning and then goes into more detail. He says, “I make sure clients clearly understand what I am saying. We talk about the mortgage process constantly. I set deadlines for clients to ensure things are done in a timely manner.” While he has a sense of urgency about getting the loan processed on time, Charlie unhurriedly guides his clients through the process with his easy-going manner.

Charlie is an expert in all types of mortgage loans. He has helped nearly 1,000 families purchase their homes during his career. Licensed in North and South Carolina, he joined Atlantic Bay in 2013.